Rotary Tube Cleaner

Rotary Tube Cleaner

We have extended our product range with a new, innovative product, which is highly recommended by chief engineers working in the maritime industry. Using the compact and lightweight Rotary Tube Cleaner chief engineers can easily clean straight tubes in shell & tube heat exchangers (seawater cooled condensers) and not only extend the lifetime of the condensers, but also save time. Simultaneously the service space needed for cleaning is strongly reduced compared to cleaning with brush and rod by hand.
We strongly recommend to clean the seawater cooled condensers every 4 months.

Rugged and Dependable

The powerful Rotary Tube Cleaner handles the demanding environment of commercial contracting work like no other tube cleaner.rotary-tube-cleaner.jpg

Designed for contractors
Sturdy roll cage protects the tube cleaner at the job site and in the back of a crowded work truck.

Saves time
Quick Connect shaft attaches with a simple push - and quickly disassembles for transport.

Peak on-site performance
No more slipped belts or equipment down time. Chain drive system replaces traditional rubber belt for smooth performance in challenging situations.

Handles rough environments
Motor assembly is connected with vibration isolators to help tolerate bumps and jolts.

Compact lightweight
Easy to carry and less than 1/2 the weight of other tube cleaners.


  • Heavy-duty roll cage construction
  • Ultra compact design
  • Quick connect threadless shaft manifold
  • Interchangeable flexible shafts
  • Interchangeable cleaning brushes and tools
  • 'Sweet Spot' 862.5 RPM
  • Simultaneous water flush
  • Forward and reverse foot switch activation


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