Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul ( MRO )

In response to increasing demands for huge maintenance, repairs, overhaul, conversions, revamps, refits and lifetime extensions from our offshore, yachting, marine and navy clients, Heinen & Hopman has formed a dedicated MRO department with 100% dedicated and field-experienced project teams.

Dedicated project team

If you are looking for a partner for major jobs, as described above, regarding your existing HVAC system, our MRO department will assign you a dedicated project team. We can be a trustworthy partner throughout the complete project and provide you with adequate inspection, reporting, advice, engineering, project management and – of course – a pleasing end result.

Prevention is better than cure 

Regular preventive check-ups are crucial for a properly functioning HVAC system. A healthy HVAC system minimizes the risk of system failure at inconvenient moments, guarantees an optimal indoor climate and reduces power consumption, making your HVAC system more energy-efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly. The MRO department has introduced the ‘Technical Health Check’ for all existing & in operation HVAC systems. This health check covers:

  • Checking cooling systems for refrigerant leakages (according to the EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation No 517/2014)
  • Ensuring ducting is clean to avoid bacterial growth
  • Examination of the system’s status
  • Assessing whether sufficient spare parts are available
  • Status report with advice where required
  • Safety check (according to the latest classification and authorities).


The MRO team:



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Armin Bock

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

- MRO Manager

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

- MRO Manager


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