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Teknotherm Inc.Teknotherm Inc.
Provided byHeinen & Hopman
Our mission is to ensure you the perfect climate indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

Teknotherm Inc.

Teknotherm Inc. is the Seattle branch of Teknotherm in Norway. Founded in 1987, Teknotherm Inc. has gained extensive experience in marine and industrial refrigeration throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern US seaboard.


Minimize environmental impact

Teknotherm Inc. strives for the most economical, efficient, and sustainable solutions. All refrigeration solutions are designed and built to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact, like using ammonia in refrigeration systems.

Products & Systems

Teknotherm Inc. is known as a premier supplier of refrigeration solutions for the fishing industry, the offshore industry and the cruise industry. Only the most dependable, efficient and durable equipment designated for these industries is used in their systems.

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RSW Systems

The company supplies both custom-built refrigerated seawater (RSW) systems and individual RSW chillers for the commercial fishing industry:

  • Flooded RSW Systems
  • Flooded RSW Chillers
  • DX RSW Systems
  • DX RSW Chillers
  • Spray Chillers
  • RSW System upgrades


Teknotherm condensers are specially designed for marine and industrial purposes, providing many years of trouble-free operation. All materials used have the highest resistance to corrosion and erosion.

Freezing solutions

Teknotherm’s specialism is the plate freezer, specifically developed for the fishing and food industry. These freezers allow fast, efficient freezing of large quantities of product. Upgrading your existing refrigeration system is part of the possibilities as well.

Seawater strainers

RSW strainers prevent fouling by stopping debris from ever reaching your chiller. This saves a lot of wear and tear on your chiller.

Ice makers

Teknotherm provides a variety of ice-making solutions including drum ice machines and slurry ice machines.


Contact Heinen & Hopman Teknotherm Inc. directly

Teknotherm Inc.3941 Leary Way NW Seattle, WA 98107 USA+1 800 782 1997sales@teknotherm-inc.comContact personJan Roar Ellefsen+1 800 782 1997sales@teknotherm-inc.com


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