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Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L.Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L.
Provided byHeinen & Hopman
Our mission is to ensure you the perfect climate indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

Heinen & Hopman Ibérica

Established in 2005, Heinen & Hopman Ibérica was mainly founded as a service point for yachts sailing the Mediterranean Sea. The office is strategically situated in the port of Barcelona, an ideal location for providing service onboard superyachts in Spanish marinas along the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands.


Refit, Repair and Maintenance

In close cooperation with the headquarters in the Netherlands, Heinen & Hopman Ibérica also designs and installs client-specific HVAC systems in a range of refit projects, mainly at Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92), a shipyard specialised in the refit, repair and maintenance of large superyachts. Spare parts delivery, galley extraction and duct cleaning are also part of the company’s expertise.

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Serviced Yachts

Heinen & Hopman Ibérica strives to be a trustworthy partner in all its activities. Clients can expect a fast response to all enquiries and superior quality every step of the way. Yachts with any kind of HVAC or refrigeration service requirements or spare parts requirements can contact Heinen & Hopman Ibérica for quick on-site service by a fully equipped service engineer.

Service Brochures

24/7 Service Contracts.pdf

HVAC Cleaning & Inspection.pdf

Preventive Technical Health Check.pdf

Some of the recently serviced yachts include:

  • MY Africa
  • MY Al Shoua
  • MY Amevi
  • MY April
  • MY Ari
  • MY Astrid Conroy
  • SY Cinderella IV
  • MY Dilbar
  • MY Drizzle
  • MY Elixir
  • MY Galactica Super Nova
  • MY Gladiator
  • MY Go
  • MY Hadia
  • MY Harle
  • SY Hetarios
  • MY IDynasty
  • MY Ilona
  • MY Kahalani
  • MY La Masquerade
  • MY Lady Britt
  • MY Lady Christine
  • MY Lady Duvera
  • MY Lady Lara
  • MY Madame Gu
  • SY Marie
  • MY Maryah
  • MY Naia
  • SY Nero
  • MY Opus II
  • MY Paladium
  • MY Paraffin
  • MY Reverly
  • MY Saint Nicolas
  • MY Samurai
  • SY Sea Eagle
  • MY Sea Pearl
  • MY Sea Rapsody
  • MY Secret
  • MY Silver Shalis
  • MY Solandge
  • MY Stargate
  • MY Symphony
  • MY Talisman Maiton
  • MY Tugatsu
  • MY Turmoil
  • MY Ultra Plus
  • MY Utopia
  • MY Volpini
  • MY Willpower



Contact Heinen & Hopman Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L. directly

Heinen & Hopman Ibérica S.L.Paseo Juan de Borbón 9208003 - BarcelonaSpain+349 3225 9668info@es.heinenhopman.comContact personArmando Maya+34 646 206 037armando.maya@es.heinenhopman.com


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