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Heinen si Hopman MAR SRLHeinen si Hopman MAR SRL
Provided byHeinen & Hopman
Our mission is to ensure you the perfect climate indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

Heinen & Hopman MAR Romania 

Heinen & Hopman Romania was founded in Galati in 2002 as a subsidiary of Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV in the Netherlands. The company is active in the commercial shipbuilding sector, private superyachts, offshore (rigs, TLQs), navy vessels, civil and industrial buildings.


Heinen & Hopman Romania provides a wide range of services in the fields of  air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and central heating, provision cooling plants and refrigeration (HVAC&R), sanitary/sewage systems, fire protection with sprinkler system and environmental systems, both on the local market and abroad.

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Service and maintenance

We provide to our clients the following:

  • Design, construction and technical assistance on board in domains like:  HVAC systems, sanitary systems, electric systems and automation;
  • Design and execution of HVAC systems (heating systems, ventilation systems, central heating), sanitary systems for civil and industrial buildings;
  • Manufacture and assembly of lining sheet for walls/ceilings compartments, including the related assembly structure for lining sheets on board;
  • Ducting installation and insulation for HVAC systems and cooling systems;
  • Piping installation for sewage systems (PVC, ABS, LORO, BLUCHER);
  • Commissioning of HVAC systems, in both civil market and shipbuilding;
  • Maintenance services:  the main purpose is to assure the proper functioning of the systems through preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. If correctly applied, these will increase the lifetime and performance of all installations and equipment.

In-house production

Heinen & Hopman Romania’s production facility provides a wide range of manufactured HVAC necessities/components, such as:

  • Rectangular ducting within the range of 0,8 mm - 8 mm thickness;
  • Sound dampers;
  • Louvres, hatches and grids;
  • Penetrations, goosenecks, mushrooms.

The above mentioned can be executed in steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Heinen & Hopman Romania also provides all types of insulation including metal/aluminium sheeting for bulkheads and for pipes, special insulation for HVAC-R systems, ships exhaust, boiler systems and sanitary systems.


Contact Heinen & Hopman Heinen si Hopman MAR SRL directly

Heinen si Hopman MAR SRL132 Alexandru Moruzzi Street 800223 GalatiRomania+402 3644 8222office@ro.heinenhopman.comContact personTim Hofmans+402 3644 8222tim.hofmans@ro.heinenhopman.com


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