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Heinen & Hopman HeadquartersHeinen & Hopman Headquarters
Provided byHeinen & Hopman
Our mission is to ensure you the perfect climate indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

Heinen & Hopman Headquarters

Founded in 1965 in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, the Netherlands, today Heinen & Hopman Engineering employs over 1200 skilled people at its headquarters and subsidiaries around the world. As an innovator in the design, engineering and installation of systems for buildings and vessels, we offer the most comprehensive customised solutions available on the market today.


Our product range

Our headquarters in the Netherlands specialises primarily in customised systems built to perfectly meet our client’s requirements. We are, however, also equipped to supply off-the-shelf products and systems whenever necessary. 

Our most in-demand systems are:

  • air-handling units
  • cabin units
  • cooling units – direct expansion or chilled water
  • fans

These products are manufactured in our own workshop or under strict supervision at one of our subsidiaries.

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Activities and specialisation

Heinen & Hopman ensures exceptional reliability. Our broad expertise and economies of scale in design, construction and purchasing mean that we can serve you as a genuine “one-stop shop”. Our 24/7 global support network ensures that the service we provide is quick and reliable wherever you may find yourself.

We can offer the following for any HVAC&R project onboard a yacht, vessel or offshore platform:

  • Advice
  • Design/engineering
  • Production
  • Implementation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Training

Our specialisations in the marine industry are:

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Climate control
  • Radiation heating
  • Air heating
  • Water heating
  • Heat pumps
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy-saving systems
  • Hot air screens
  • Thermal oil systems
  • Cooling and freezing chamber systems
  • Process ventilation systems
  • Central dust extraction installations
  • Fire extinguishing systems

Operational Aspects


Heinen & Hopman has a modern and well-equipped workshop suited to almost any kind of job, from the creation of a simple rectangular duct to the comprehensive production of air conditioning units, switchboards, water or air-cooled condenser units, and prefabricated piping material.


Heinen & Hopman has its own warehouse where all items needed for the smooth progress of every project are kept in store, ready for use.

Testing facility

In addition to our workshop, we also have one of the largest testing facilities in Europe. All our systems can be tested here for their seagoing capabilities before being shipped off to their destination. This ensures that all systems are in good condition and working properly when they are installed onboard a ship. It also improves the efficiency of our work and minimises potential extra costs on a project. Furthermore, we have our own facilities at several shipbuilding centres.


Contact Heinen & Hopman Heinen & Hopman Headquarters directly

Heinen & Hopman HeadquartersProduktieweg 123751 LN BunschotenNetherlands+313 3299 2500info@heinenhopman.comContact personReception+313 3299 2500info@heinenhopman.com

Dedication to our customers with top service, high quality products and sustainable, innovative technology is our number one priority.

Joep Hopman

Joep Hopman

Joep Hopman


Joep Hopman

Joep Hopman


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