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Ocean Going Patrol Vessel - Holland Class

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A study by Royal Dutch Navy concluded that changes in the field required a different type of vessel. The study proposed the selling of the four frigates of the Karel Doorman class and replacing them with four new Ocean Going Patrol Vessels with a permanent crew of 50 and accommodation spaces for an additional 40 non-listed crew plus the availability to accommodate 100 evacuees. Since end of the cold war, the focus has increasingly shifted from traditional combatant warfare to facing more unconventional threats: pirates, smugglers and terrorists rather than large foreign navies. It is due to the demands of this so-called asymmetric warfare, but also with humanitarian missions in mind, that the Holland class of ships was conceived, resulting in longer endurance, all-weather operability, selfsustainability, versatile, smaller crews and more economic operation at patrol speeds. The Holland class P840 - Hr Ms Holland, P841 - Hr Ms Zeeland, P842 - Hr Ms Friesland and P843 - Zr Ms Groningen, have been awarded inthe Maritime awards gala to ‘Ship of the year 2012’ in The Netherlands.


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