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Is your air clean?

It is all well and good having the desirable indoor temperatures throughout the world, but is your air clean?

Having the AC systems regularly checked, cleaned and disinfected every 3-5 years is the only way to guarantee excellent indoor air quality.

AC systems are a breeding ground for producing moulds and airborne bacteria should these systems be allowed to operate uncleaned for excessive long periods.

It is an essential part of the air quality package these days to; not only have the perfect temperature, but to also maintain a healthy clean air for in which to breathe’.

Fire hazard prevention is another vital reason to maintain clean systems, for example; the galley and laundry exhaust systems are potential fire hazard situations due to the flammable nature of their pollutants – an annual cleansing process is recommended for these systems.

Electrical Equipment Rooms where sensitive equipment is installed also require a clean environment.

Like to know more? Download our HVAC Duct Cleaning brochure or send us an email.


Monitoring & Cleaning AC Systems periodically will maintain an efficient, healthy and safe environment on board for crew members and owners/guests alike.

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

- MRO Manager

Armin Bock

Armin Bock

- MRO Manager


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