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Greatness | The inner Heinen & Hopman

The inner Heinen & Hopman headquarters

An interesting zoom-in on its building

- by Joep Hopman, 16 March 2016

With this blog, I would like to step aside from what we do and tell a bit more about who we are. An interesting nice-to-know in this category is: the actual building in which the Heinen & Hopman headquarters is situated.

Striking exterior architecture

The Heinen & Hopman headquarters is located in the Netherlands, in a small village named Bunschoten-Spakenburg. From origin, Bunschoten-Spakenburg is a fisherman’s village and has a population of approximately 19.500 inhabitants. Because of its relatively small population size, the building itself is quite an impressive appearance in the neighborhood. Especially when entering the village; there are three highways where you need to pass Heinen & Hopman. That’s great of course. When this headquarters was established, I always wanted it to be a familiar, well-known part of our town. So you could say for example, when pointing the way: “Go left at Heinen & Hopman”.

Unmistakeable Heinen & Hopman

In our vision, the building itself had to visualize the story and work of Heinen & Hopman. A shortlist of the interior and exterior of the building:

  • Materials, shapes and colors are inspired by ships and their construction; from medieval ships to today’s luxurious yachts.
  • The building itself is surrounded by water to emphasize Heinen & Hopman’s marine-related activities.
  • Even the building itself has perfect climate control; no air grills, no air draught and no sounds of air.

Our infographic depicts these elements perfectly:



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I always wanted our headquarters to be a familiar, well-known part of our town.

Joep Hopman

Joep Hopman

Joep Hopman


Joep Hopman

Joep Hopman


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